FTC 2016-17: “Velocity Vortex”

We are excited to announce that this year (2017) our team has qualified to attend the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship which will be taking place in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, from April 26 – April 29, 2017, joining 127 other FIRST Tech Challenge teams from more than 10 countries. We are asking you to help us get there by donating to our team!

In the current season (2016-17), we are the champions of NYC regional qualifiers held in Queens on Jan 14, 2017. We were the captain of the winning alliance and took home the #1 position qualifying us for the FTC East Super Regional. We are excited to go to the World Championship now.

In 2015-16, we made it to Super Regionals in Scranton, PA. In 2014-15 we were successful in advancing to the World Championship in St Louis, MO and being in the top 100 of the thousands of teams competing. See our full list of awards here.

We  currently have 12 members – and several alumni, who visit us whenever they come home on vacation. Current team members:

Nikita P. Lev B. Nestor T.
Henry N. Kathryn Z. Sophia A.
Varun J. Matt T. Tarika M.
Roberto G. Trevor L. Prakash S.