Coding – general

We are using RobotC; currently both laptops we are using have RobotC version 3.62 installed. Sasha Kirillov has written a short introduction to RobotC: RobotC primer. You can also use RobotC built in help or online help (slightly outdated).

All our code is saved in Dropbox folder (..\Dropbox\FTC2013\Code). Again, Dropbox is installed on both computers.

We are also using a 3rd party driver suite for gyro and IR sensors. For more information about this driver suite, see its homepage. We have it installed in Dropbox folder: the driver directory is ..\Dropbox\Drivers\rdpartyrobotcdr-3.3.1\drivers and have configured RobotC so that it automatically looks for drivers in this directory, as documented here.