Pre-match checklists

Things to bring to competition:

  • Team roster (printed from TIMS)
  • Consent forms (from here).
  • Completed checklists: Hardware, Software. Note for software: both the Samostat and Program chooser should already be on NXT, but just in case, we have copies in Dropbox/FTC2013/Code folder. Note also that Program Chooser will appear in Try me menu of NXT, not in Software files.
  • Engineering notebook
  • Bill of Materials (template available here)
  • Laptop, router, controllers (not sure if it will be allowed)
  • Goggles
  • Spare 12-v battery (charged)
  • Chargers (for main battery and for NXT)
  • Spare 9 volt battery (for sensor multiplexer)
  • Tools and parts (including zipties!)

Things to check before beginning of each match

  • The programs have WaitForStart() uncommented
  • Battery level for 12v battery is high enough. If not, replace
  • The battery connected to sensor multiplexer is turned on
  • IR and light sensors are in place – not fell of.
  • The main cord connected to the hook has enough slack (the ziptie used as a marker on the cord should be off the winding axle by about 1/2 inch). You can wind/unwind the cord by starting th program TeleOpOutsideField; it uses left/right arrow buttons on NXT to control the winding motor.
  • All NXT cables are firmly plugged into NXT/Sensors.