Who are we?

We are the IslandBots, a robotics team on Long Island in the Stony Brook, NY area. We are in our eleventh year of competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition. In addition to having a successful team, our alumni have gone on to the world’s top universities to study STEM. These universities include Caltech, MIT, University College (London), UPenn, Cornell, Georgia Tech, Berkeley, and Harvard.
The team is not affiliated with any single school. Our mentor is Prof. Alexander Kirillov of Stony Brook University. Our goal is to spread STEM education especially robotics on Long Island and of course to win!
We  currently have 12 members – and several alumni, who visit us whenever they come home on vacation.
Current team Members:


Roberto G.

Our Team captain is currently in 11th grade and also a programmers lead.This is his fourth year participating in the FTC

Roberto is passionate for aerospace engineering and computer science

He  participated in a research program at MIT, building  a cubesat for aerospace engineering for which he received the award for inventiveness and design  from Lemelson –   MIT . 

He is passionate about aircraft engineering and  he is flying Cessna at Mid Island Air Service. He also loves sailing and travelling all over the world. Roberto is the school engineering team leader and he designed and donated to the SBS school a kinetic art sand table https://www.instructables.com/id/Sand-Table/. In particular he is a Teaching Assistant,  member of School Nova for physics and computer science and participates in the Science Olympiad.

Maya B.

Maya is a 9th grader at The Stony Brook School. This is her first year with Islandbots and her first year with  FTC. Prior to being on the Islandbots FTC team, Maya participated in FLL for a few years on two different teams. Maya joined Islandbots because she wanted to learn how to build and use tools, get better at problem solving in more or less real world situations  and learn how different types of robotc functioned. She is heavily involved in ballet and dances at the Seiskaya Ballet Academy and had the lead role in the Nutcracker this year. In her free time Maya likes to draw, read and go on walks around the beach. 


Daniel S.

Daniel is in 10th grade in Half Hollow Hills High School East. This is his third year with Islandbots. He has done both building and programming in previous years, and was assigned to the programming team this year. Daniel plays the saxophone and the piano. In his free time, he likes to read, solve math problems, and do crossword puzzles. He is contributing to the software group and hopes to learn more about engineering and robotics while on the team.


                                              Kavin B.

 His name is Kavin B. He is in 9th grade at The Stony Brook School. Kavin Bala joined the Island Bots FTC team this year as his first year. Kavin Bala chose to  join the Island Bots team so that he can learn a little bit about how the  robots function and hopefully apply these skills to real world problems.  In his free time Kavin Bala enjoys listening to music, playing video  games,  watching anime, and solving puzzles. Kavin Balais currently on  the  hardware team and would like to see how the team chooses to  take this robot.


Andrej B.

Andrej is currently an 11th grader attending  Ward Melville high school. This is his first year participating in the FTC competition. In his free time he enjoys learning to play the guitar and listening to music. He is currently on the hardware team and is very eager to learn more about how robots work.

Iana P.

Iana is a 10th grader at Ward Melville High School. This is her third year on Islandbots. She enjoys playing the violin and piano. She participates in Science Olympiads and Chamber Orchestra. She loves to do the building portion in both Science Olympiad and Robotics. In her free time, Iana likes to ride her bike or read a good book.

Katya D.

Katya is a 10th grader at Ward Melville High School. This is her third year on Islandbots. She is part of the Science Olympiad, Computer Programming Club and Marching Band. In her free time, she enjoys biking, reading, playing the accordion, hiking or skiing and windsurfing. She is currently contributing to the software team and is hoping to learn more about programming. She also attends School Nova in Stony Brook on the weekends.

Max S.

Max is an 11th grader who is being homeschooled in Stony Brook University. This is his third year working with Islandbots and has some experience with robots before, but has not worked with metal parts. Max plays the violin and in his free time he plays soccer and table tennis. He is currently on the hardware team and learning how to use many new tools.

Christian A.

Christian is currently an 11th grader attending  Ward Melville High School. This is his first year participating in the FTC competition. In his free time he enjoys listening to music and drawing. He is currently on the hardware team and is very eager to help build the robot and put his problem-solving skills to the test.

Ning G.

Ning is a 12th grader at The Stony Brook School and this is her third year participating in FTC and second  year on Islandbots. In the summer of her freshman year, she was accepted into the Computer Simulations and Interactive Media program of Stanford University’s Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute where she designed a game on Pico-8. This past summer, she was accepted into Yale Young Global Scholars Program, where she participated in the Applied Science & Engineering Session. Also this past summer, she was one of the 36 people accepted into the robotics program of Engineering Summer Academy at Penn. 

Adam S.

Adam is currently in 8th grade, attending Plainview Old Bethpage Middle School. This year is his first with the FTC competition. In his leisure time he enjoys practicing piano, playing various different online games, and reading fiction novels. This year, he’s joining us on the builder’s team and hopes to be a helpful part of our team.

Amy C.

Amy  is an 8th grader attending Paul. J Gelinas Jr High School. The 2019-2020 season will be her first year competing in the First Tech Challenge. Amy hopes to become a software developer, following her parent’s footsteps. In her spare time, Amy enjoys reading and writing. She participates in the Science Olympiad. Lastly, she plays the Piano and Violin.